Nomi Dave

NOMI DAVE is Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Virginia. She researches music and aesthetic practices in authoritarian regimes, with a focus on Guinea and francophone West Africa. She is interested in interactions between music, voice, politics, emotion, violence, and cultural ideologies. Her current projects include completing a book, The Revolution’s Echoes: Music, Politics and Pleasure in Guinea (solicited by University of Chicago press), which examines the legacies of authoritarianism in Guinea, and the meanings, and pleasure, that authoritarian aesthetics hold for Guinean citizens. She earned her PhD from the University of Oxford (2012), and has also taught at Duke University, where she was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Departments of Music and Cultural Anthropology. Before becoming an ethnomusicologist, she trained as a human rights lawyer and worked for the United Nations for five years, including three years with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, in Guinea.

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