Ian Copeland

IAN COPELAND is an ethnomusicologist based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is a Ph.D. student and Ashford Fellow at Harvard University. As an ethnographer he documents the musical ramifications of international aid, volunteer culture, and HIV/AIDS activism, particularly as they play out in the Southern African nation of Malawi. Other academic interests include the role of music and music education in the corporate-led school reform movement, AIDS theology, and respectability politics across the African diaspora. Initially trained as a clarinetist, his performances have been featured at the meetings of the Society for Electro-Acoustic Musicians in the United States and the Society of Composers, Incorporated. Engaged internationally as a teacher and pedagogue, Ian has presented master classes in Panama and Ecuador. He also spent a year as a choir and general music teacher in the Mississippi Delta. He holds degrees from Oberlin College (B.A./B.M.) and the University of Copenhagen (M.A.).

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